Digital Books: How to publish and read them.


Time Travel Romance: Math And Psychology

Time travel romance is a kind of romance novel (or better yet, a contemporary romance novel), a love story with optimistic ending, in which one of the main protagonists travels for some relatively long distance in time (and quite often in space too).

Speaking mathematically, time travel love stories should evenly represent the following four plot variants:

  1. the heroine goes from present to past;
  2. the hero goes from present to past;
  3. the heroine comes from past to present;
  4. the hero comes from past to present.

But in real life we do not see that the plots are evenly distribute between the above options.

The Best Time Travel Romance Novel

If you have ever googled for, say, top-10 romance books, you would have probably noticed, that the first places in those charts are largely occupied by the titles from Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series. No matter how subjective this sentiment may be, it will not be a mistake to nominate “Outlander” for the best time travel romance novel of the present day.

How To Sell Your eBook Yourself

Imagine that you have written a book you consider quite competitive and attractive. You have converted it into a digital product and started to sell it online paying a commission for each sold copy to anyone who is willing to promote your book. There are no literary agents, no publishing houses with all their quibbles, and the best of all, you get from 25-30% to 100% of each sold copy’s cover price. This approach looks much better than the traditional one. And it works! Actually, it is not a top-secret technique, but a widely known affiliate marketing scheme.

How To Convert Almost Everything To PDF

The Internet is full of questions like "How to convert this or that to PDF?"… Fortunately, for 99% of users the answer is quite simple: "Find a software called a PDF printer, install it, and print what you need into a PDF file." Here are some explanations done in simple language: