Edgar Allan Poe
Humour and Satire: Selected Short Stories.

Edgar Allan Poe. Humour and Satire Short Stories. Title page of free PDF book.

The other side of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is best known for his wonderful mystical stories and poems like “The Mask of Red Death” or “The Raven”.

However, he was not so an ecstatic and gloomy person as it may seem after reading his mystiries. Poe was a man of real life in general, and of writer’s life in particular: yes, those publishers, agents, fans, envious competitors, and critics… His humour and satire stories show us the other side of the great mystery master.

    Table of Contents:
  • How to Write a Blackwood Article
  • A Predicament
  • The Devil in the Belfry
  • Lionizing
  • Bon-Bon

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