Edward William Lane. Arabic-English Lexicon.

Edward William Lane. Arabic-English Dictionary. Title page of Part 7. Download a free DJVU book.

An Arabic-English Lexicon, derived from the best and the most copious eastern sources comprising a very large collection of words and significations omitted in the Kamoos, with supplements to its abridged and defective explanations, ample grammatical and critical comments, and examples in prose and verse.

Composed by means of the munificense of the most noble Algernon, Duke of Northumberland, K.G, etc, etc, etc, and the bounty of the British Government;

By Edward William Lane, hon. doctor of literature of the University of Leyden, correspondent of the Institute of France, etc.

Edited by Stanley Lane-Poole.

Williams and Norgate, London, 1863-1893 (reprinted by Libraire du Liban, Beirut, 1968)