New Armenian—English Dictionary
by Rev. Matthias Bedrossian

Classical Armenian (Grabar) to English Dictionary

St. Lazarus Armenian Academy, Venice, 1875—1879

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From the Preface:

The Armenian language, selebrated for its antiquity, is modelled in a great measure by the Greek and Syriac, the richest idioms in the world; but it has undergone since its origin numerous and considerable alterations both in syntax and by the adoption of words from foreign languages. This is especially observed in the translations of Greek and Syriac authors during VI, VII, X and XII centuries of our æra. […]

As regards the number of words, our New Dictionary is much richer than the former one [i.e. old edition of 1825] and at the same time more purified. It contains besides the terms of the Armenian language used by ancient authors, a great number of popular words in daily use at present in our country, the synonymes of which exist only partially in works of our classic authors. It contains also a scientific nomenclature, composed by the first scholars of our nation, and by our best Academicians more particularly, of words relating to astronomy, physics, anatomy, natural history, chemistry and alchymy. […]