Python Programming Made Simple For The Beginner
by Jody Scott Ginther

Free PDF book: Python Programming Made Simple For The Beginner, by Jody S. Ginther.

This book is meant to help you begin learning the basics of Python programming version 3 or later. It is a brief introduction to Python. At the time of this writing, there are many resources for earlier versions of Python. However, since changes were made in the later versions of Python, using older books and resources can cause some confusion. The author recommends to all new students of programming to begin with Python version 3 or later. If you find source code that you would like to study or use, search the internet for conversion tools that can help you convert the older versions of code to be functional in 3.0 or later.

The author uses the theory that visual learning, humor, and action, (experiential learning), are the best ways for most people to quickly learn something from a book. The author attempts to be as brief as possible to get the new programmer into programming as fast as possible. When you are ready to go deeper into Python, there are many excellent free resources and books on the internet.

Download this free PDF book — Jody’s website with free games, comics, cartoons